Thursday, 17 April 2014

Paramore Tumblr Quotes

I was bored so I thought I would just post a few paramore quotes I found on tumblr yesterday [:




Saturday, 12 April 2014


So much has happened within the last year. I've lost friends, experienced heart breaks, gone through many phases and learned and experienced so much. Now I have my own laptop and have all this newly found time on my hands I'm going to try to remember to post often. I recently started going on msp again on and off and have started frequently going on imvu to create again. Oh yeah I deleted my post about that I think. The imvu I go on to create is called Magda which I kind of share with my best friend Zenya but she hasn't created anything for a few months. The imvu I go on to chill which is called Violets, you can add both if you want but if you do put in the comments here your msp and imvu name and I will try to add you on both [:

I'm just gonna use this blog to post express my interests now but will do some posts about msp too c: I'm gonna try to do a major update on the side bar pics again as well as I'm not friends/don't know some of those people anymore. I'm still surprised at the fact I still get around 100 blog views a day, when I haven't posted in 10 months, I'm glad I'm remembered [:

This is my updated ish biography which I will finish another time:

Thats some basic information about me other than I missed out one of my fave anime's because its not updated.. Anyway will write more another time bye xxx


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Fun Emily+And+Mia+oh+yes. by Coolmoviemaker

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Hahahahahahahahaaa Mia made this a while back its so funny hahahahahahaa

Monday, 20 May 2013

Zen's creations

Zenya aka Allie Flower created this, it made me laugh, Queen Anna reminds me of Fran LOL and Elizabeth reminds me of Zen LMAO. I aint blogged in ages again so I'm just gonna blog occasionally when I feel like it:3

Poor girl xxxxxxxxxxx (Zen created that too)

Lmaooooooooooooooooooo (Zen's last creation)


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mia I Love You :*

I love Mia so much she's so amazing and kind and supportive; Always knowing what to say and make me feel better. She's so cute and beautiful inside and out she's just too cool.

Mia's username on UK server of MovieStarPlanet is SammiBabes please help her level up yeah? She is also ! Amber ! On Ireland's server on MovieStarPlanet where yesterday she got to page 1 of the high scores! What an achievement I'm well proud of her. She is so thoughtful towards anyone and everything and you can talk to her about absolutely anything at all<3

P.S I'm ! Aliana ! On Irish Msp (:

Monday, 25 March 2013

How To Be Original On MovieStarPlanet (Girls)

Are you sick of looking the same as everyone else girls? Do you want to try something new and make it you're own? Well recently I've noticed that most of the girls on MSP these days either have faces like this:

Most of my bffs have faces like this, even I do to be fair. But I thought it would be fun to experiment in the shop with some new faces :D Most of them are VIP though, but I just did it for a laugh. I hope some of you get some ideas of you're own after reading this YAY!

Instead of having black eye shadow around you're eyes, try making them skin colour and adding either spiderleg eyelashes (like I have), or thick eyelashes. Try to have different colour lips to everyone else and experiment with colours. Choose a nose you think suits you're moviestar and remember to add blusher because that makes you're moviestar look more stunning and original and also, you don't have to keep you're eyebrows black, you could try brown or blonde, whatever suits you ;)

Most moviestars tend to have tanned skin so they 'fit in' and look like everyone else. I find it nice to vary what you look like if you can afford it. On this image I've got the Flower Face eyes which I rarely see people use, and if they do, they don't change the colours of it. On this I have greenish-brown eyes and a mix of black and brown eye shadow  I again chose the pointy nose because it suits the face a lot, I chose Cool Cat lips in a deep pink to show off the lips, this also shows you 'Can't be messed with'.

On this look I have chose yet again pale skin but this time I went for a different approach. I chose Rococo Fantasy eyes, only changing the eye colour and leaving all the eye shadow the same. Not many girls choose these eyes but I adore them because they make you different and not like everybody else. I chose Perfect Pout lips because they go well with Rococo Fantasy eyes, but this time I chose the Freckles nose, because it adds cuteness, but used with blusher it can look a mess.

If you love purple, this is the face for you, but it is VIP. Sweet Stuff eyes, Petite Nose and Perfect Pout lips all in purple make this face stunning. This face is very original and really shows that you aren't afraid to be different and unique!!!

Same face as before, in Pink. This face is ideal if you are mainly going to wear A LOT of pink and random colours ;) Very unique and stylish.

I've NEVER seen anybody with this skin colour, its a really faded Yellowy colour on VIP Skins. Same face again in Yellow/Faded colour.

This face is just adorable! Reminds me of that character of Monster High (My little sister Lucy has them aw how cute) It is rather extravagant but you must REALLY love blue to be able to put up with it to be honest.

This just reminds me of a frog pmsl but its er nice if you like that kind of thing :D Lmao.

This is more goth then anything, if you like Twilight and stuff like that you will love it, great for dressing up as a vampire and going to the mall and freaking everyone out can't say I've never done that to my friends LOL but it is actually a nice face.

If you're non-VIP and stuck on what to look like, here's some ideas for you...

Glitter Galore eyes, with the third eye shadow skin colour, the other two whatever colour you wish. Pointy nose and cool cat lips.

Girl Next Door eyes (Gotta love them) in green/aquamarine, regular nose and Cool Cat lips. If I was never able to get VIP I would probably look like this:3

I hope I have given you some ideas for next time you wish to buy a face girls, remember try and be original as you can and try not to look the same as you're friends, unless you're doing that on purpose.

Falling Hearts feature also added to the blog YAY (Thanks Zenya I LOVE YOU SO MUCH) More new things too when I learn them woo!:3


Friday, 22 March 2013 and MUSIC!!!!!!

As some of you may know I have an account which I answer questions people ask me on. I also ask others questions to see their response. Well anyway, about 2 weeks ago, I decided to ask a few real life celebrities questions and they responded :o And, before you say, ''OH BUT EMILY CELEBS DON'T HAVE ASK.FM AND IF THEY DO THEY WOULDN'T ANSWER QUESTIONS!!!! DON'T BE SILLY!!!'' I have proof that these celebrities are who they say they are (i) I asked my favourite person in the entire world a question and she answered (i) TAYLOR SWIFT ILYSFM<3 Here's what I asked her...


Proof it is Taylor<3

Isn't she just beautiful? <33333333333333333
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTaylor Swiftxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well anyway that day Taylor wasn't the only celeb to answer my question (i)

I'm so loved yeah<3 I haven't actually got proof its Demi Lovato and Harry Styles but if you don't believe anything I'm saying you could always check their pages out yourself, heres the links:

Well anyway I was proper happy when they answered my questions ESPECIALLY TAYLOR OMFG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH<3 I love her so much, I dont think anyone would ever understand unless you're a proper hardcore Swiftie like me!!<3 Oh yeah and my link is:

Feel free to ask me anything you want, or just tell me something. I don't answer all questions, and if the question has already been asked I most likely wont answer. If you ask me to add you give you an auto watch you're movies etc I wont answer either sorry. 

Special thanks to Mia and Anna (SammiBabes and pennyfield) for helping me add a playlist to my blog!! Really appreciate the help girlies!!!<3

Signing off, Emily♥

Thursday, 21 March 2013

More updates and er random things

*New Blog Updates*

*New pics of me and my friends on IMVU are now up!! More soon :D
*More posts can be seen on one page of my blog, so you don't have to click over pages more
*Music playlist will soon be available working on it now

Hey everyone. Ever since putting my blog link on my bubble earlier I've been bombarded with people asking me what my IMVU username is. It used to be LittleMissEmilay, but when I got my name change token, it got changed. Simple as. I no longer give it away due to stalking issues, people trying to get to my friends, spies, etc.

More updates have been made on msp lately YAY! I no longer lag (that much) when giving and recieving gifts because it has been updated woo! More designs were recently added to design studio too<3 And the competitions on msp have started to become more creative and un-repititive :o


P.S if you have any good ideas for my blog comment okay.

Always remember to put you're rubbish in the bin just saying okay bye


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New changes around the website!:')

If you come on here often by now you will have noticed all of my new changes to my blog. On the sidebars I have added some pictures of me and just a few of my friends (more pics to come soon), so you know who I'm friends/Bffs with. I have also got a brand new background for my blog (courtesy to I updated the 'About Me' description on the left sidebar, which now has a more vivid description if who I am and what I do with my spare time. On the right toolbar I added two new features to my blog, Google+ Followers and Google translate. So now you can follow me on Google+   and if you are visiting my blog from another country you can translate it (may not be an accurate translation because google translate doesn't understand everything I say, especially abbreviations such as lol, rofl etc). I now have a new banner which I used on my other blog which I have decided not to use anymore. The new banner is me doing animations in an art book on American Msp. The last major change I made was a new Xat chat box at the bottom of the page. Xat is a website used for creating chat rooms, chat boxes buying xats and says etc. I will add pics of the new changes soon, I can't current because I am writing this using my iPod. Thanks for reading and keep up the views, if you come on my Xat (at the bottom of the page) often you might catch me, but until then byeee!!!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Why? Why? Why? People still come here often, and I honestly have no clue why. I am constantly reminded on msp about my blog asking me to update more:L Well here is an update... This blog is around about a year and a half old, I created it at age 11 having ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what I was doing. If you look back at my first post you will see what progress I have made on both MSP and this blog.

Ohyh btw, I'm gonna completely re-vamp my blog soon, just because people love it so much, oh and the bitchy people making rude comments on my blog posts or saying stupid and childish things? You have been noticed and you're comments will get blocked in the future...

Bye guys iloveyouall<3